How To Start A Business With Denta Dental

At that point you can we can really evaluate and say listen these are the fees delta dental that these carriers are paying you maybe you should think about do I really need those patients at that fee level it could be that you may say to yourself I’m  overbooked I really don’t need to belong to that network because the fees are lower in that Network versus what I’m getting elsewhere at that point that’s really something after analysis we can help speak to a particular dentist about but we have found and Jonathan if you found this or other dentists listening out there is dentists are very important to you know they’re very important played an important role and the patients really like their dentists different  than medical in the world of Dentistry if let’s say you don’t participate in their insurance company their insurance plan you did but now you don’t but they really liked you but opportunity is that  most likely.

I would say probably fifty percent of time they’re not going to lead you so even though they you probably still retain about % of your patients within that Network and now they’re going to see you as an out-of-network  you’re still going to retain your patients for the most part and get fees that you’re more acceptable to you so it’s just something to think about I probably give you a long-winded answer to the question but it’s a combination of the balance of fees the opportunity for patient growth and then manage that growth.

Those fees over a period of time to help benefit the practice overall we definitely don’t take a short-term approach the goal is really a long-term approach to help the practice open answer your question it could be a long one answer to your question no absolutely absolutely helps answer it you know I feel like when I write I’m docking dock to Docs and throughout this issue of they’re so busy that they’re booked out literally a month in advance somebody comes in today they can’t get  it they won’t be able to get in they’ve got a crown.