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dental insurance for veterans was seriously about to fly off of the chair I was just so done with it and if finally when it was out I was so relieved  dental insurance for veterans.

dental insurance for veterans
dental insurance for veterans

I and I felt like I just given birth to a -pound baby or something because it was just it was awful and you know I can totally understand why people go be knocked out for the procedure especially if you have impacted wisdom teeth um yeah.

I can totally see why but you know it’s very doable awake and it really depends on your situation no two mouths are like and um you know obviously the healing is taking.

a while for me and it’s not the gums the gums are really okay I’d say by now but the bones like my jaw is incredibly stiff and sore.

I have bruising maybe you guys can see I also have acne I’ve been breaking out really bad yeah so it got bruising because of the amount of force it took to get my teeth out so you know it was it was hard it was a hard job for um the dentist he said.

I was in his top ten of you know ever having to get wisdom teeth removed which is something you don’t really want to hear but I could totally see why it was it was a gruesome experience and .

I’m glad I never have to do it again um so that was the procedure and now for like the outcome he he put the cotton swabs in my mouth and you know he sent me home I was prescribed well I wasn’t prescribed any medication