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major dental insurance | dental cover | major dental insurance

major dental insurance | dental cover | major dental insurance

major dental insurance coming to you but you know now they’re #wikipedia  paying out of pocket and that’s that’s gonna be really tough because I think  doctors are gonna lose some patients not because they’re bad doctors but because  patients tend to take a dental insurance seniors look at you know how much is gonna that’s gonna cost for them out of pocket that’s gonna be tough  yeah there’s.


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definitely   dental cover  there’s definitely a segment of the market and demographics that a hundred percent you know the the amount of cash outlay they  have at the provider is a big determining factor of how much they like that for a letter you know at the end of the day so that that’s definitely a lot of risk for #facebook a lot of people so as far as  the big issues that

you’ve outlined III dental insurance for retirees agree with all everything you’ve said so far and the things that I don’t quite understand I I feel like you’ve given me a good explanation okay so you know one  of the things that I do see you know I have heard is and you can extrapolate on this as much as you can now you mentioned an office not just just not charging for buildups

I’ve seen that personally you know back in the day  we used to do a lot more of the fee structures and you’ll go through and you’ll see crowns and you’ll see zero build ups and I’ll ask the office why do I not see any build ups on here and they say well nobody ever pays for it so we just don’t ever submit for it  are there any other issues like that

one because I know there are some companies in some ways #instagram is to get reimbursed for those for certain policies sure yeah in the beginning of implant coverage it was pretty common that you would they would pay insurance companies would pay for just the implant  placement but not the restoration or conversely they would pay for just the

restoration dental cover but not the placement of the implant you know we didn’t run into a lot of plans where both would be covered but I’ve seen that more and more nowadays but because we are so used to that being you know almost a standard a  lot of offices will say oh we dental insurance for retirees didn’t realize we could bill for both you know their billing for just you know

just one or the other and and what they do is a lot do a lot of global fees so they’ll charge say three thousand dollars for a whole implant case but only bills certain codes in order to get paid and that’s you know that’s not the way to do  it I also see a lot of offices billing just so that they know they can get paid for example if the patient is a new patient

major dental insurance they’ve come in full coverage dental plan  and they’ve you know they’ve switched insurance no bill at FMX even though they take a bitewing set because #facebook  the patient came in with their FMX from like last year but because the patient has new insurance dental insurance seniors  the team is taking there the doctor is  taking advantage of that and what I hear a lot let me just talk real real quickly on billing that isn’t quite kosher and and I think there’s there’s two types of offices that do this so there’s one where its outward I mean they’re just  dental cover wrought there’s no two