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Teeth Whitening Strips Dental  practice management from scratch on a  phone app and and you know and then they  would be forced to streamline it down keep it simple stupid yeah if they start  off with efficient systems Teeth Whitening Strips

I mean that’s the most important thing I could leave with them  has just started out with good front dust systems make sure that to train the staff I mean because sometimes the training part of it for the staff is.

Important too and sometimes the doctors don’t take the time giving them the tools so they know how to use that that’s gonna help everything in the long  run is when they have staff it has the tools and the training that’s

 Teeth Whitening Strips
Teeth Whitening Strips

needed to achieve their job at the front desk well Chris I think you covered it all you  cannot you can email Chris at dental web smart at gmail.com she gave you I can’t believe she gave you not many people are gonna give you their

cell phone number  eight six four four one four one – six that’s eight six four four one four or just go to dental web smart comm Chris you’re you’re so smart I don’t know of anybody in your space  who just does this you’re highly

specified you’re only in dentistry you’re only in you know these dental electronic claims direct deposit your your what I call who I always try to get  on my podcast or what I call dental unicorns you know I mean just rare birds flying

around that just master one little thing and and I know I’m not I’m not silly I know if you’re a podcast  listener your thing and I want to hear about bone grafting I know it I get it you’re a chef